Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bay Shore United Methodist Camp

I know I'm behind on my post... several weeks of prgrams!!

This here was Bay Shore Camp!  It's an awesome camp grounds,  a great family camp.

We had about 100 kids this hot week.   Summer has been hot this year!   We did 3 programs a day.   It was a tiring week!  You better believe we got a nap every day!

This is my view...  everyday behind the Mac!

Lillie is waiting in line for the trackless train...  It's open 1 hour a day right before dinner.  You better believe we are in line over and over for the entire hour!

The Zip Line is another favorite at Bay Shore.  It is by far the best Zip Line I've seen at any camp!

It was Lillie's first time this year.

She did amazing!  I thought for sure she would chicken out at the last minute.  
 It is sad she is growing up!

Once you've rode you have to take the zip line back up the hill to the start line!

I know your wondering.... where's Autumn????  That week she was the lucky grandchild to go to Florida with her grandparents!     She had a great time in even hotter weather!  I think Lillie enjoyed her time as being the only child =)   I know I did.

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