Thursday, August 12, 2010

a Day Off... for me anyway!

Paul is up north all day today with equipment.  The Boy Scout rented our inflatables at the fair as a fund raiser.   It's a hot one too!  I feel sorry for him!

Me, on my day off... I went to Kroger and did some damage!  I spent $52.00.   I'm trying to get my stock pile up before winter.   It's feast and famine foks in an evangelist house.   
And should I say a Church Planters house!

I came home and made myself a ham sandwich with some of my favorite Dukes Mayonnaise!  Love this stuff so I stocked up while I was in St. Louis!    The best Mayonnaise ever!  I've also had PBJ sandwiches for lunch for the last 3 days.  It's something about all that camp food.  I'm so tired of eating 3 full meals a day.

Lillie and Autumn painted today.  She put her picture in this envelope and wanted to mail it.  I informed her that letters have to have stamps on them if they go in the mail box.  I told her I didn't have any.  She claims she had some of her own.  She did!  BINGO STAMPERS!!  silly girl!  So her package is stamped and ready to go out in the mail tomorrow!

Autumn played with Mr. B in the yard this evening... in her pjs!  We miss him alot while traveling, people at church have been helping with him while we've been gone.

other than that... vacuuming, laundry, dishes, office work.... still waiting for husband to get home. 

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Love that picture with the dog! : )
I am so glad you had a day off!

Amy Warden

Your girls are so cute! :) Glad you had a nice relaxing day.

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