Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Faith Family Christmas

I know what your thinking!!  Where did you find an orange CHRISTmas tree???
If you don't know what our church colors are... now you do!!

We were ever so lucky to find in it Detroit at a place called Garden Ridge.

 Families decorated ordainments with Faith Family colors and placed them on the tree.  
We gave away a family prize to one lucky family.  It was a huge hit and every family participated.

 This years CHRISTmas celebration included...

 crafts... cookie decorating... brunch... wrapping gifts for a family that we sponsored... 

 Photos with Santa were a huge hit!!.  The mall Santa came to us!  
We didn't have to pay or wait in any lines!
We were so blessed with a local photographer who came in a did our families photos for FREE!!! 

Hope your CHRISTmas was a memorable one!!

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