Friday, January 28, 2011


It has been freezing here in Michigan these last few weeks!  I dread the heat bill :(  Despite the frigid temps faith family went sledding!  Believe it or not we had over 60 eskimos show up! 

They just made this hill in Owosso!  A family at our church, their house has the hill in there back yard! So we all were able to get out of the cold into their garage which they heated and made hot chocolate :D

Paul and I don't have any sledding or winter gear!  Even with living in Michigan all our life you'd think we'd know better!  It's on my top priority list to get snow gear on clearance this year when spring hits!

The BIGGEST kid on the hill!

Faith Faith is facing yet another challenge... And it's not needing more chairs.  However it is getting close to that point again.

This photo was taken this Sunday night at our Mexican Fiesta! These are our Children!   HELP!!!  We are in dire need of a Children's Pastor!  On any given Sunday we will have anywhere between 50-60 children under the age of 10.  Send us the right family Lord to lead our Children!

Stay warm y'all!

Oh and we are warm!   Paul and I are in Columbus, Georgia this week doing a few days of programs.  This 50 degree weather is a wonderful change ;D

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You're in Ga?! We're here too, just on the other side of the state, near Savannah. Too bad you're not just a bit closer and we could've met!

The sledding looks fun, and very very cold! Good luck with your children's pastor hunt. I'm sure God will lead the perfect person your way!

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