Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back in time for the Blizzard

We got home just in time to beat the crazy weather. (15 inches here in Corunna, Michigan)   Georgia was beautiful while it lasted.   If time allows we always make a stop at Carpets of Dalton.  This place has all the deals!!

They have 3 rooms like this of clearance carpets.  This time they had huge carpet specials.  For any 12x12 carpets remnants they were $39 and any 12x15 and up they were only $49.    We managed to pick up two rolls, (more if we knew we would have had room) one for friends and one for the YMCA.  Faith Family is redoing the children's room.  (photos to come)

We managed to shove it in the van and head to our destination 3 hours away.

Its was a great trip with just Paul and I. (those trips are always a special treat)  This church was a huge blessing to us in many ways.  While we were here an Army Clergy gave us this 4x4 for Lillie and the church gave us two round kiddy tables for the YMCA redo.

This here is a photo of our van on our way home...  Paul is a great packer.  I wasn't so sure that we were going to get it all in.  So, on top of having our 5 inflatable games, 5 motors, stage equipment and luggage we managed to add... two rolls of carpet, 2 round kiddy tables and this 4x4 re-chargeable car and a few other items I found on clearance!

Here is the side view!  I know what your thinking... where is your trailer?  You see, when we don't have the girls we take out the seat and shoved all the stuff in the van.  It saves us a ton of gas money!  So in order to save a few hundred bucks we shove it in and hope it all fits coming home!

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That is one packed van! I am glad you had a good trip! And were home safely before the blizzard!


Amy Warden

Wowsers! That's a lot of stuff! Great finds too. :)

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