Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New Camera for Me!

The day has finally come!  After one year I finally have a camera again!

We were extra blessed at a church in Indiana two weeks ago.  So much so that we decided that now was the time to replace the poor Canon Rebel that died nearly a year ago.

I had this carma for nearly 7 years.  It was a good ol' camera but now!!! wooo hoo.  I've finally upgraded.  Thank You JESUS!  So hopefully, here's to more photo on the blog again.  I feel like I've missed a whole year of the girls growning.

Paul has purchased for me a Canon 60D DVD's that I will someday watch when I have time!

Can you believe it? Two post in row... Don't get used to it! haha

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Amy Warden

Woo hoo is right!! Congratulations! I know you will use it well. :)

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