Monday, August 22, 2011

Brown City Camp in a Nut Shell

It was a great week at Brown City!  We love to see our friends and family and reconnect.  This was our 6th year at Brown City Missionary Camp. ( this was two weeks ago)

This year at Camp we hardly seen Autumn.  Camp shut down at 11:00pm and that's usually when she came back to the cabin.   Lillie also made her rounds to her friends cabins and we rarely seen her either!  It's kinda like we had no children this week!  It's great leting the kids go and have peace that nothing is gonna happen.

In a Nut Shell... Here we go!   Paul hurt his pack trying to save somthing from falling on the ground!  1/2 through camp he was pretty much outta comission!  But we made it.  Here are some great friends trying to help him out!  (Don't worry ones a Doctor!)

Nearly 300 hundred screaming kids... the Lord was graceious on the heat this year!  

It was wonderful weather.  Ceiling fans were installed in the barn and it help tremendously!

Here is our little cabin :D  We've taken photos off all the years of camp we've been here and put them up in our cabin.  Love it :D  Good memories!

Our little cabin is a blessing!  It's has two bedrooms, girls have bunk beds and we have a full bed.  Ouch
We had a guest this year at camp... He did the eveing programs for us as we were booked at a church up the road for the eveings.  He explains Brown City camp as "you can't explain"  I agree.  It's a unique experience with thousand of people on campus!

We have two age groups of kiddos but they are combines for the program.  They just won't fit all in one camp photo!

Ever year at camp kids raise money for missions.  Kids all over camps set up little sales selling whatever they can to raise money.  It's great becasue adults and kids alike know where the money is going so they stop by and purchase: lemonade, candy necklaces and even rocks!  This year Lillie caught on to this concept and wanted to try her own!  She sold rocks, cookies and chips.  The neighbor man came over to just buy a rock from her!  It was so sweet.  Her first sale just made her day!

Paul wanted to make sure that Lillie has a good sale so he was calling people to the back door of the cabin and giving them money to purchase at Lillies little sale!  lol she was so excited!  shhhh don't tell!

Over and out,  hope this post wan't to much of a mess and made some since!  Got lots to do today.  See you next time.

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Amy Warden

That's a lot of people!! Sounds fabulous! I hope Paul is feeling much better by now!

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