Monday, September 26, 2011

The East Coast

Paul and I have been alone these past few days.   We've have programs over here on the cost in Maryland and Deleware, we will have been gone 10 day when we get back home.  Paul and I have enjoyed every moment away... truly enjoying the coast.  Our first stop was in Pasadena Maryland for a 3 day family crusade.  We opted to visit Annapolis. (thanks to google images you can see exaclty where even been.  Although in person its much better!) We've only been here once.  We thought of going to DC to the Zoo, but we've done DC so many times we decided against it. I know.. Boo Hoo! 

We walked this very road and the shops were quaint and cute :D I picked up a few Christmas presents.

Saturday we drove to Frankfort Delaware for our next 4 day family program.  Sunday after the morning service we went about 20 miles down the coast to Ocean City, Maryland.

We love it here!  I love the ocean!   The condoes are stacked on top of each other here.  I can not imagine being here durning the busy season!

 We walked right under this arch way.

Thank you google images... the beach was not nearly as crowed.  It was perfect. 

Today we went north up the coast the Rehobeth Beach.  This is a much smaller town with great shops and yummy cup cakes!

Tomorrow Paul and I are going to this beach.  The church we are doing programs for this week put us up in a condow a few block from Bethany Beach.  This is were you will find us in the morning... hopfully we will be seeing some dolpins.  

It's been a great time away together, but we are both ready to go home and see our girls.

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