Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Fall

I must say I'm enjoying the cooler weather here in Michigan.  Although I know that it means snow is approaching fast!  That I'm not to excited about.  The girls are... us old people are not!

This year we pick our own pumpkins at our property.  We have 3 1/3 arces, But don't live there however it is just around the corner from us.  We allow a friend who owns a landscaping business to dump his grass clipping there.  One day last month Paul went to see how things were looking over there and to our surprise we had a pumpkin patch.  We got about a dozen pumpkins out of it.  What a pleasant surprise.  This year Autumn carved her own pumpkin with her own knife.  She was very proud.

Happy Fall Everyone!  Only 61 days until Christmas!

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cool pumpkins! my kids are looking forward to snow. I predit we will have alot of it!

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