Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Faith Family

Hello Blogger Firends.  If you're still there.... I have no idea if anyone out there is still reading this blog.  

This past week marked our 2 years with our Faith Family.  I truly can't believe that it has been than long, time flies!  These photos were taken by someone at our church, he hasn't given them all to me yet but I do have some to share..... enjoy!

We were hoping to have 200 on this special day.   We had 189, we are not complaining one bit!   After Church we had a picnic and some favorite church people of mine from the Freedom Center (where se spent a year on staff at) came to help.  While in service that crew came to cookour dinner and set up everything.  I didn't have to do much of anyting but purchase the food.  I appreciate them soooo much.  They have no idea what a blessing they are to Paul and I.

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I read the blog and am excited for you guys and your church. God really does bless his people.

Jessica D.

Thanks Drea :D


missed seeing you. nice to see the people. Look at the Blog everyday!

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