Sunday, October 30, 2011

100 Bible Verses

I feel that the Lord has been telling me to memories more scripture.  This is super hard.  Memorizing spelling words was painful for me and my mom!  lol  
ME + MEMORIZE =  no good!

Finally tonight I'm doing it!  I've had this book since the beginning of summer so...
"the time has come... the time is now" - Dr. Seuss 
Marvin K Mooney will you Please Go NOW!
Jessica Marie Dietzel you need to Memorize NOW!

So here our families goes...  One verse a week, staring this week.  Genesis 1:1 is the first one in the book.  Which makes total since.  I think I got this one down! lol  I'm anxious to see how the girls do.  Paul of couse can memorize by looking at something once.  Totally not fair!

 I'm trying 5 cards in strategic places.... 1st the TV

 ...bathroom sink

 ...girls bedroom door

 ... refrigerator

...  and the computer

Here's to hiding HIS Word in our hearts that we might not sin against God.

Help me Jesus.

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