Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Parade of Lights

I'm sure everyone is busy during the Christmas season, not just the Dietzels.

We just finished up two CHRISTMAS Parade of Lights.  This first one was in Owosso.  Our church walked the parade handing out 500 glow necklaces.   It was a perfect 50 degrees in Michigan this evening.  Never in a million years will we have it this good again.  It was awesome.  

Here's some of the Gang!  I LOVE my Church!

This here was the Corunna Parade of Light.  It was one week later and the temp was a freezing 21 degrees!  brrrr... we handed out 500 candy canes.

Did I mention I LOVE my Church!

Also last week I had surgery on my neck.  I had a thyroglossal duct cyst remeoved.

It was no biggie really in and out in a day.  My mom came and saved the day.  Paul wonders if i can have surgery once a month so mom will come down.   I agree.  I was nice to have her here. 

So yesterday I was lucky enough to have those ugly hairs removed from my chin (stitches) Sorry I didn't have time to take photo.  The scar is in a great spot where you won't seen it and next month I'll be able to start putting on the cream to help heal the scar :D  

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