Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks Lacey!

Lacey came to stay with the girls while Paul and I worked Wed. & Thurs.  She made these cute felt crowns for the girls while she was here.

The girls just love Lacey.  I'm very thanks full for you too Lacey.  Wish you live closer so we could see each other more often.  Lace will be staying with the girls this weekend Saturday -Wednesday.  Paul and I have to go to Tennessee for a kids Crusade.  She was only keeping Autumn because of school and we were suppose to be gone for 10 days.  Lucky for us we had a cancellation:-( and will be gone only for 4 days so Lillie will be staying behind.  

Friday on Halloween, we have our equipment out at Autumns old Elementary School in Swartz Creek, then after that we have to take our equipment over to The Freedom Center  in Fenton for Light the Night.  Not sure exactly what we will be up to on Halloween.

Saturday we will be lecturing at the Church of God Campgrounds.  We'll be teaching Michgian children's Leaders the first Saturday of each month for the next 7 months.  Then from there we'll be heading south.

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The crowns looks cute :) I've gotta have Lacey teach me to make them for the boys.


We are so glad we are using one of your inflatables for our Light the Night! :)

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